English Brown Ale – brewed by a robot

So in case you haven’t seen in my recent posts, I have acquired a few picobrew machines / the original Zymantic and the Z1 and also a picostill (which I plan to use to make extracts with). Sadly the company is no more, but happily – you can score these machines for a fraction of their original price. I paid $200 for all, and this probably cost close to $4,500 for all that I have acquired in this deal.

I have setup the Raspberry Pi to act as a local server for these, so they no longer need to connect to the corporate web servers to make them run, $75 cost.

So now I store all my recipes online, as they sync and import into the machines using this new software tool, but regardless, you can use them using any equipment following the recipe.

Actually the yeast I used was: 1968 London ESB Wyeast


having these machines will save me quite a bit of time because you just put in your ingredients and press Brew, come back 5 hours later and you just cool (10 minutes at best ) and pitch yeast.

It also will give me smaller batches and more variety as I drink less beer these days, so ya!

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