Golden Ale All Grain Recipe


A quick and short post, recipe only.

Total volume of brew water used 8.5 gallons in this recipe, we used batch-sparge with 2 phases.

OG – 1.058 – Brew Date: 01/26/2014
FG – 1.014 – Racking Date: 02/01/2014

ABV 5.78%

This is for 5 gallons..

Cara Pils – 0.5 lb
Crystal 20 – 0.5 lb
Golden Promise – 7 lb
Munich Malt – 3 lb


Once you achieve a rolling boil, set timer.

At 30 minuted add 1 ounce of Cascase Hops
At 45 minutes add 1 ounce of Willamette Hops
At 55 minutes add 1 ounce of Willamette Hops & some Irish Moss

At 65 minutes stop boil, reduce heat through cooling to a safe 70 ~ 75 F.

We used American Ale #1272 Wyeast.


About the “Golden Malt” – An early-maturing spring barley, it is the Scottish equivalent of Maris Otter. Though brewers north of the English border claim that its sweet, clean flavor is superior to Maris Otter. Golden Promise malt has a depth of flavor that makes it the ideal base malt for both UK and USA-style IPAs. Golden Promise is also used extensively by premium whisky distilleries such as The Macallan.

This is a test pour out of the conditioning tank 3 weeks after racking, already looks nice and clear on its own.


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