Scottish Blonde Ale

So this is basically a regular Blonde Ale recipe using a Scottish yeast, the Scottish Ale #1728

this yeast is pretty versatile, we did the Scottish Scotch Ale previously, so wanted to re-use it in something else and also save about $10 – a good house yeast –

grains for a 10 gallon batch:

  • 20 lbs of 2-row Premium ( use a local grain if able and keep this beer regional )
  • 1 lb of crystal 15Love


  • 1 ounces of Willametter hosp at 15 minute to end of boil and 1 ounce at end of boil


  • Scottish Ale #1728

OG was 1.052 for a beer about 5.5%

total cost of grain and hops was $36.30 / we had the yeast from last brew so re-used, save money…

In addition to the primary brew, for the last year – we have been re-boiling the primary grain at 1/2 volume, so 5 gallons, adding whole hosp (its a mushtun so its ok) and you can even add a little bit DME, we added 1/4 lb to bring up the ABV% a bit. This nice #hack allows you to use different hops if you want and even different yeast using grain that you normally throw away – Yay to #freebeer

Yes, this beer will be a lighter body of the primary style, but it almost becomes a completely different beer in it’s own right, if I didn’t tell you it was a re-boil, you wouldn’t know anything different.

OG on the re-boil was 1.032 for a 3% beer.

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