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Steuben Wine

made on 10/8/2017 – updates later… After brewing beer for almost 10 years, it was time to do something different.  4 year ago I planted my first grape plant – I choose the variety of Steuben – which is a … Continue reading

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Vienna Barleyweisen Oktoberfest 10 gallon all grain batch / with 3 experiments

Latest update: at 4 weeks this beer should clear up quite nicely and taste considerably better if you have chilled it at serving temperature compared to only 3 weeks, 1 extra week will make quite the difference.  It comes with an … Continue reading

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Kumbocha How To Brew / Part 1 and 2 – SUPER FERMENTED TEA

[wpedon id=”4272″ align=”left”] Kumbocha is not beer, it is a probiotic drink or basically a fermented tea. There are many health benefits to Kumbocha and it is an ancient drink originating somewhere from the Asian region around Japan, hard to … Continue reading

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Grapefruit IPA 10 gallon batch

On Saturday 2/18/2017 a Grapefruit IPA was brewed.  We used peels from 2 grapefruit in a 10 gallon batch, we didn’t want it to be too overwhelming but also a little bit more than a hint.  Full recipe will be … Continue reading

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Citra American IPA, 10 gallon batch

On 11/20/2016, we brewed a Citra American IPA.  More recently we started to preview/simulate brews using an App on my cell phone (android), called: Wort.  This is in a way a simulation, we strongly recommend you do this and then … Continue reading

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Electric Brewing // Automating the Mashing Phase – 120 Volts // 1,650 Watts // 13.5 Amps

Up to now – we have been brewing with natural gas or propane, while this works really well, and there are many advantages, like nice strong boils, etc…, there are also some draw backs – as with everything. Here are … Continue reading

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Beeruino // An Intelligent beer data logger and controller

Beer + Arduino + # = #Beeruino   Beeruino – is an #arduino based data logger and controller project that I dreamt up after my second pint of #homebrew.  Here is an older video before the buttons were added for … Continue reading

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Beer Fermentation Beer Data Logger // Beer Analytics

Update: since this blog was written, the Project was transferred to a more professional looking project box and is now called the Beeruino, please search to see that blog – also code has been posted to Git. parts used: empty … Continue reading

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American Brown Ale 10 gallon batch

attempt #1 pic below – Brew date: 3/26/1016 attempt #2 pic below – Brew date: 7/10/2016 10 gallons. This beer was modeled after the Diamond Knot Brown Ale per the grains/hops posted on their web site, and simulated for ABV/SRM … Continue reading

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Version 2.0 // Python temperature logging script Arduino + Raspberry Pi

Above is a temperature probe jig, it captures and logs the temperature from inside of the fermentor. Plotting the data using a web API: The plot above was generated using sample data and the service – ( once you … Continue reading

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