EPOS ES14 speakers and custom tweeter Baffle – an adventure in HiFi Audio

So up to now this Blog site has been dedicated only to Beer Brewing, but I am going to start expand it a little bit into my vintage Audio hobby as well, so with that, this will be the first post.

A few years ago I have purchased a pair of EPOS ES14 (with one original blown tweeter, I knew this) and one of the things you learn with vintage speakers, especially highly sought after in the category of Cult following, is that when a driver breaks, especially a custom designed driver that is no longer manufactured – these are considered almost 100% un-obtainium and really the only way to get more drivers is to either buy another pair of speakers, broken or not and you hope to salvage something out of this, the things you do to stay in the Cult!

So with that, I was left with either this option or…… learn 3D CAD and designed my own baffle and 3D print them – which is what I did. I ended up using some spare tweeters that I had on hand from a different project that I ended up doing nothing with, so I ended up using some Peerless 4ohm ( BC25TG15-04) 50 watt and I paired these with a 4.7uF capacitor (after playing with some other values) and it came out super good, better than original.

I first printed these in PLA, but later switched to PETG, because it seems to be stronger and also more UV resistant, incase speakers would be placed by a window and getting direct sunlight.

with that, after verifying everything and fine tuning and going through about 7-8 different test prints, I then decided to offer it for Sale on Ebay / so customers in either a same situation as me or maybe just when people wanted to try some new Tweeter combinations.

Some advantages over the original tweeters is that /// the original was mounted behind the tweeter baffle most likely by design, but lots of improvements have been achieves since the late 80s and with the new baffle we can completely avoid any Baffle Diffraction or Edge Treatment and the sound is no longer so centered on axis as before.

Now a lot of people say that this will change the speaker, and in- fact does change it but for the better, much better.. and you have an option to choose your own driver, and material type, as I prefer soft dome tweeters over metal dome, just my preference.

I have tested these to people in complete blind testing and people were left speachless and that was with a fairly inexpensive proof of concept driver.

In the future I am planning to upgrade with a Seas tweeter and maybe make another version of the 3D baffle to true fit whatever driver I am end up selecting. 

With that – if you have interest in purchasing these from me you can find them on Ebay or if you like to buy them from me directly, please Contact me, thanks!

To Date I have helped and sold 5 pair / my hope is to raise some money to buy a better printer soon as well. The 3d design plans are “not” for Sale, thanks!

Ebay Auction: https://www.ebay.com/itm/125945208107

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