Belgian White Ale – All Grain Recipe – 10 Gallons All Grain


 Dude, its like drinking WOW in your mouth!

( the picture above was of only a 3 week old test pour out of Keg that was cold dropped only for overnight, that’s less than 24 hours!!! – makes HUGE difference! ), beer only gets better with time!

OG 1.048 +/-
FG 1.010 +/-

We use a converted Keg into a Mashtun with a false-bottom, see pictures…  Our efficiency currently varies between 75-80%, sometimes higher.

ABV / Alcohol by Volume: 5% (rounded off)

  • 9.5 lbs Belgian Pilsner (2-row), brew store might sell it under Euro Pilsner Malt.
  • 6 lbs White Wheat Malt, brew store might sell it under American Wheat Malt.
  • 5 lbs Flaked Wheat
  • 2 oz Cascade Hops – [ 1 oz at 5 minutes and one at 30 minutes ]
  • 1 oz Orange Peel, might be sold under Bitter Orange Peel – [ 15 minutes of boil ]
  • 1 oz Coriander Seed, (crush it – store might sell it un-crushed in a plastic bag) – [ 15 minutes of boil ]

Yeast Starter was used ahead of brew day.

Total boil time is 50 minutes, if you want to do 60 minutes, the World won’t end.  Primary ferment for a week+ or until reaction finishes, Secondary recommended; but not manditory.

For yeast we used a Wyeast 3787 re-captured Trappist HG (high gravity) yeast, but the original recipe called for a White Labs# WLP40 Wit Ale.  BTW: It’s ok to use (HG high-gravity) yeast on a (LG lower-gravity) beers, but not the other way around.

8.5 gallons of strike water at 163F, maintain for an hour (60 minutes) at 152F

Then Re-Mash 6.5 gallons of additional water for 30 minutes more at 168-172, we simply filled the mash tun with 6 gallons of additional water, stir it so often and drain it off at 30 minutes, the rest gets cooled and fed to horses and chickens.  Horses especially love the mash left overs, its like Candy to them and the chickens go nuts and lay later high quality eggs.

So total water for brew 15 gallons (mash + re-mash).

For fermentation we used a 15.5 gallon keg that was converted into a fermentor rather than splitting it into multiple glass carboys or some other method.


After fermentation is done, we split into 2 soda kegs and carbonate.






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